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Have You been Sexually Assaulted?

Sexual assault is a deeply traumatic experience that can leave lasting physical and emotional scars. When the perpetrator is an employee or representative of a company, the business itself may bear some responsibility. Holding a company accountable for sexual assault can be complex, but it is crucial for achieving justice and preventing future incidents. At Ryan Orsatti Law, we are dedicated to helping survivors navigate their legal options.

What Constitutes Sexual Assault by a Company?

Sexual assault by a company can occur in various forms, such as:

  • Assaults by employees while on duty
  • Inadequate security measures leading to assaults on premises
  • Negligent hiring practices that fail to screen out potential offenders
  • Failure to respond adequately to previous complaints of sexual misconduct


Sexual assault is no matter to be taken lightly. Far too many victims stay silent while facing devastating emotional scars that haunt them for life. In fact, more than 1 in 3 women and nearly 1 in 4 men have experienced sexual violence involving physical contact at some point in their life. This means that there are 321,500 victims of rape and sexual assault every year in the U.S.

Stopping Sexual Predators

Sexual predators often continue their behavior until they are stopped. By holding both the perpetrator and their companies accountable, you can help prevent future assaults. Predators rely on their victims feeling fearful, confused, or ashamed to stay silent. You can break this cycle and protect others from harm.

Effects of Sexual Assault

Sexual abuse can have damaging physical, mental, and emotional effects on the victim. Signs of abuse include abrupt behavior changes, depression, low self-esteem, weight, and diet changes, and more. Victims of sexual abuse may also suffer from lost wages due to an inability to work, physical disability, and medical care expenses.

Types of Sexual Assault

There are many types of sexual assault. The legal definition of assault involves any unwanted sexual contact. It includes physical touching and fondling, but may also include showing children explicit or pornographic images, taking inappropriate photos of children, revealing oneself to a child, oral sex, or penetration.

Sexual Assault After Drinking: Your Rights

Intoxicated individuals cannot consent to sex. Unfortunately, some Rideshare drivers exploit intoxicated passengers, leading to sexual assaults. This behavior is reprehensible and unlawful. If you were assaulted while impaired, passed out, or intoxicated, we can help you. Remember, it is not your fault, and we are here to hold the perpetrators accountable.


Handling Sexual Assault

Sexual assault crimes require an experienced lawyer to fight for the victim’s rights. Ryan Orsatti Law handles all types of sexual assault, including aggravated sexual assault, rape, molestation, and child enticement. Ryan Orsatti is considered one of the best San Antonio sexual assault attorneys because of his determination to achieve a successful outcome for his clients.

Anonymity and Complete Confidentiality

We ensure your identity is protected throughout the legal process. Our legal system safeguards the identity of sexual assault survivors, ensuring that no public information about your case is disclosed. Your personal details remain 100% confidential and private.


We manage every aspect of your case, allowing you to focus on healing. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Addressing Safety Concerns: We help you create a plan to ensure your safety.
  • Guidance and Support: We provide unwavering support throughout your case.
  • Answering Questions: We are here to answer any questions about your options.
  • Ensuring Anonymity: We protect your identity to maintain your confidentiality.
  • Promoting Healing: We help create an environment conducive to your healing.
  • Finding Therapists: We connect you with qualified therapists specializing in sexual assault recovery.
  • Navigating the Criminal Process: We guide you through the criminal process if the driver is prosecuted.
  • Obtaining Restraining Orders: We help secure restraining orders against your assailant.
  • Document Collection: We obtain all necessary documents for your case.
  • Regular Updates: We provide regular updates on the status of your case.
  • Handling Communication: We manage all communication with the defendant on your behalf.


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