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We understand that you’re undoubtedly a resilient individual, but in any encounter between you and a car driven by a negligent driver, let’s be realistic: the car is likely to prevail. In these unfortunate events, where the vulnerability of pedestrians is evident, seeking legal guidance becomes paramount. At Ryan Orsatti Law, we acknowledge the difficulties pedestrians face in accidents. Our seasoned legal team is committed to championing your rights and ensuring you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve. In Cases like these, EXPERIENCE COUNTS and RESULTS MATTER.

Auto-Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Pedestrian accidents are more common than many would think. Pedestrian deaths are on the rise. CNBC reported an estimated 6,227 pedestrian deaths by automobile in 2018 due to negligence. In 2017, there were 615 pedestrian accident fatalities in Texas. Distracted driving has become a real danger, and our team at Ryan Orsatti Law knows how to handle pedestrian accident cases in San Antonio, TX.

Your Trusted San Antonio Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

When a vehicle collides with a pedestrian, the resulting injuries can be profound. Unlike car occupants who benefit from safety features like airbags, seatbelts, and a protective metal frame, pedestrians lack these safeguards, rendering them the most vulnerable individuals in such incidents.

Common pedestrian accident injuries encompass:

Our team, led by Ryan Orsatti, a prominent pedestrian accident lawyer in San Antonio, TX, understands the unique challenges posed by these injuries and is committed to providing comprehensive legal support for those affected. Having handled numerous pedestrian accident cases, we stand ready to protect you against any possible manipulation by insurance companies.

The successful results of Ryan Orsatti Law in pedestrian accident cases speak for themselves, but this is not what sets us apart. We care about you as a person, not just your file as a case number. Past and current customers feel a sense of relief in knowing that they can come to us with questions and concerns at any time.

Timing for Filing a Pedestrian Accident Claim

It is crucial to initiate a personal injury claim promptly to adhere to the statute of limitations in Texas, generally set at two years from the date of the incident.

Early action allows for a thorough investigation, preservation of evidence, and timely engagement with insurance companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Steps Can I Take If I’ve Been Involved in a Pedestrian Accident with a Car?

San Antonio pedestrian accidents pose unique challenges compared to typical car accident cases due to the potential for more severe injuries and the necessity to scrutinize pedestrian actions and adherence to traffic laws. Were you following proper pedestrian protocols? Did the driver breach their responsibilities by crossing designated lines?

These factors play a significant role, making pedestrian accidents distinct from conventional car wrecks. It’s essential to enlist the expertise of a seasoned attorney who comprehends the rights of pedestrians. In these cases, the focus should be on establishing that pedestrians have rights too. It’s not about questioning why you were walking in a particular area or your level of attentiveness; rather, it’s about holding the responsible party accountable for their failure to pay attention to your presence.

How Does a Pedestrian Injured in a Car Accident Receive Compensation?

When a pedestrian sustains injuries in a car accident, receiving compensation involves several key steps. If you, as a pedestrian, have been injured due to a collision with a motor vehicle, here’s an overview of how you can seek compensation:

Seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. Collect evidence related to the accident.

Report the accident to the police. Maintain a record of all expenses incurred due to the accident, such as medical bills, ambulance fees, and any costs associated with rehabilitation or therapy. Additionally, document any lost wages resulting from the inability to work.

Reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in pedestrian accidents. A pedestrian accident attorney can provide legal guidance, assess the strength of your case, and advocate for your rights.

Communications with the insurance company of the responsible party will be managed by your attorney. They will engage in negotiations on your behalf to obtain just compensation for your medical costs, pedestrian accident injuries, and other incurred losses.

If negotiations do not result in a satisfactory settlement, your attorney may recommend filing a lawsuit. Legal action can be pursued to ensure your rights are protected and that you receive just compensation.

How Long Will It Take for a Pedestrian Accident Case to Settle?

The duration for a pedestrian accident case to settle can vary widely and depends on numerous factors. Some cases may resolve relatively quickly, while others may take more time. Factors influencing the timeline include:

It’s crucial to work with experienced pedestrian accident attorneys, such as Ryan Orsatti in San Antonio, who can provide guidance, negotiate on your behalf, and work toward a resolution efficiently. Keep in mind that each case is unique, and the timeline will be influenced by the specific circumstances involved.

Can I Claim If Accident Was Partly My Fault?

Yes, you may still be able to make a claim even if the accident was partly your fault. In Texas, the modified comparative negligence standard allows individuals to seek damages in a pedestrian accident claim, even if they share some responsibility. The ‘51% bar’ rule in Texas stipulates that if you are deemed more than 50% responsible for the accident, you cannot recover any damages.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to establish a clear and compelling case that minimizes your degree of fault. For expert guidance tailored to your situation, consult with Ryan Orsatti, an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer in San Antonio. His commitment to advocating for your rights and pursuing justice in pedestrian accident cases makes him a reliable and dedicated ally in the legal process.

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