San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Many people choose motorcycling as a mode of transportation. Sadly, drivers do not always respect bikers’ rights and give them space on the road. The laws in San Antonio state that negligent drivers who cause motorbiking crashes are liable to provide compensation for the victim’s losses.

Some common injuries incurred in motorcycle accidents include road rash, burns, fractures, head trauma, neck, and spinal injuries, and internal injuries. Even minor motorcycle accidents can result in trauma that could entitle you to receive monetary compensation for damages.

An injured rider who was on a motorcycle has the same ability to seek damages as those in passenger cars or on foot. A San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer could help protect your rights after a wreck and seek the compensation you deserve. Reach out to the skilled legal team at Ryan Orsatti Law to learn more.

Potential Consequences of Motorcycle Collisions

A motorcycle collision can cause devastating harm to a rider. Motorcyclists are in a vulnerable position, often with little more than a helmet or a padded jacket for protection. Any collision with another vehicle can throw the rider from the saddle and cause severe injuries.

The most common source of these collisions is contact with another vehicle. A driver who is tailgating a motorcyclist, who does not check blind spots before changing lanes, or who ignores a red light or stop sign may come into direct contact with a biker. Even in cases where direct contact does not occur, a biker who makes a sudden turn or braking maneuver to avoid a collision may hit a curb, a parked car, or a building.

The physical damages associated with these collisions will vary. A victim may be lucky and escape with some cuts and scrapes. However, motorcycle collisions tend to result in serious injuries that can include broken bones, separated joints, and brain injuries. A dedicated lawyer could help to investigate the causes of a motorcycle collision and injuries in San Antonio and help injured bikers measure their losses to demand proper compensation.

Proving Fault After a Motorcycle Wreck

No matter how severe a rider’s injuries may be, they must prove that the defendant driver is liable to obtain compensation. Usually, this means proving that a defendant was negligent and that this negligence caused the collision.

All drivers assume a duty to keep other people safe while on the road. This extends to motorcyclists as well as the drivers of cars and trucks. The most challenging part of motorcycle accident claims is acquiring evidence proving a defendant’s negligence.

This is especially important in San Antonio as the court must use the concept of modified comparative negligence when evaluating accident claims. Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedy Code §33.003, courts must reduce the compensation they award to victims by their percentage of blame for the crash. If this percentage rises to 50 percent or more, victims cannot collect any payment.

A San Antonio attorney could help to build a powerful motorcycle accident personal injury claim against a defendant and contest any arguments of partial fault. This can include obtaining a police report, examining any dashcam or traffic camera footage, and speaking with third-party witnesses. A motorcycle injury attorney in the area could help injured riders meet the high legal burden necessary to hold negligent drivers responsible for their actions.

When to Pursue Legal Representation

After a motorcycle wreck, the injured party and their family are burdened with physical trauma, medical bills, and other damages. Insurance claim adjusters may try to rush them into a quick settlement. Insurance companies are more likely to try to shortchange injured parties without legal representation. If this is the case, it is vital to enlist the help of a qualified motorbike accident lawyer. For motorcycle accident claims in San Antonio, Ryan Orsatti can be a dedicated advocate.

Speak with a San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Attorney Now

Motorcycle collisions are always a traumatic experience. You may suffer from intense physical injuries that require weeks or months of rehabilitation. At the same time, you may be losing income due to time off from work and suffering emotional trauma from flashbacks or PTSD.

A driver who is at fault for these collisions must pay for your losses. However, proving a defendant’s fault is difficult, especially when recovering from severe injuries. Let a San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer handle every aspect of your claim while you heal. At Ryan Orsatti Law, we can stand by your side to gather vital evidence, represent your interests before aggressive insurance companies, and take the case to court if necessary. Contact our firm today to learn more.

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