Will a Lawyer Take My Case?

Facing a personal injury can be overwhelming, and one of the most pressing questions you might have is, “Will a lawyer take my case?” Understanding the factors that attorneys consider before accepting a case can provide clarity and help you make informed decisions. At Ryan Orsatti Law, we specialize in plaintiff personal injury law in Texas and are committed to helping you navigate this challenging time.

Factors Lawyers Consider Before Taking a Case

  1. Merit of the Case Lawyers evaluate the strength of your case. They consider the evidence, the circumstances of the incident, and whether the injury was due to someone else’s negligence. Strong evidence and clear liability increase the chances of an attorney taking your case.
  2. Statute of Limitations In Texas, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is generally two years from the date of the injury. Lawyers will check if your case is within this time frame. Filing a lawsuit after the statute of limitations has expired typically results in dismissal.
  3. Potential Damages Attorneys assess the potential damages you may be entitled to, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related costs. A case with significant potential compensation is more attractive to lawyers.
  4. Client Cooperation Your willingness to cooperate and provide necessary information promptly can impact a lawyer’s decision. Lawyers look for clients who are reliable, honest, and proactive in their case.
  5. Defendant’s Ability to Pay Lawyers also consider whether the defendant has the financial means or insurance to pay a potential judgment. Cases against defendants who are unlikely to pay can be less appealing.
  6. Resources and Expertise The law firm’s resources and expertise in handling similar cases are also crucial. At Ryan Orsatti Law, we have extensive experience in personal injury law and the resources to handle complex cases.

Free Consultation at Ryan Orsatti Law

If you’re wondering whether your case has merit, the best step is to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer. At Ryan Orsatti Law, we offer a free consultation to evaluate your case. During this consultation, we will discuss the details of your situation, the evidence you have, and the potential for a successful outcome.

Contact Ryan Orsatti Law today to schedule your free consultation and let us help you determine if we can take your case.


Understanding whether a lawyer will take your case involves considering several factors, from the merit of the case to the potential damages. At Ryan Orsatti Law, we are dedicated to helping you through this process and fighting for the compensation you deserve. Don’t hesitate to reach out for your free consultation and take the first step toward justice.