Bifurcated 18-wheeler trials in Texas

In the realm of personal injury law, especially in cases involving 18-wheeler accidents, the concept of bifurcated trials has become a significant point of discussion. For plaintiffs, understanding the nuances of bifurcated trials is crucial as it can drastically influence the outcome of their case. This blog delves into the mechanics of bifurcated 18-wheeler trials in Texas, highlighting their potential harm to plaintiffs and offering insights from experienced legal professionals.

What is a Bifurcated Trial?

A bifurcated trial is a legal process where a trial is split into two separate phases. In the context of 18-wheeler accident cases, these phases typically include:

  1. Liability Phase: Determines whether the defendant is liable for the plaintiff’s injuries.
  2. Damages Phase: Assesses the extent of the plaintiff’s injuries and the compensation owed.

This separation is intended to simplify complex cases, but it often complicates matters for plaintiffs seeking justice.

The Harm to Plaintiffs

Bifurcated trials can significantly increase the legal costs for plaintiffs. Each phase of the trial may require different sets of evidence, expert witnesses, and legal arguments, leading to higher attorney fees and court costs. This financial burden can be particularly challenging for plaintiffs already facing medical bills and loss of income.

2. Prolonged Litigation

Separating the trial into two phases can extend the duration of the litigation process. For plaintiffs dealing with severe injuries and financial hardships, this delay can be devastating. The extended timeline can also lead to diminished evidence quality and witness availability over time.

3. Jury Perception and Bias

In bifurcated trials, juries are exposed to only one aspect of the case at a time. This limited perspective can lead to biased decision-making. Without understanding the full context of the plaintiff’s suffering, juries may be less inclined to award appropriate compensation during the damages phase.

Expert Opinions

According to Ryan Orsatti, a seasoned personal injury attorney in Texas, “Bifurcated trials often place plaintiffs at a disadvantage. The separation of liability and damages can dilute the emotional impact of the case, making it harder for juries to fully grasp the extent of the plaintiff’s suffering.”


Bifurcated 18-wheeler trials pose significant challenges for plaintiffs seeking justice in Texas. The increased legal costs, prolonged litigation, and potential jury biases can all work against the victims of trucking accidents. Understanding these pitfalls is essential for plaintiffs and their attorneys to navigate the complexities of personal injury law effectively.

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