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It is almost impossible to leave the house without encountering a commercial vehicle. Whether utility vans, tankers, or tractor trailers, these large trucks are constantly on highways in Schertz and across the state. Sadly, for the drivers and passengers in personal cars, the presence of these massive trucks can put them in considerable danger. The large size of these vehicles can make them hard to stop in an emergency, and many truckers do not drive with the required safety and caution required by law to keep others safe. Because of these factors, truck accidents are a leading cause of local personal injuries.

A Schertz truck accident lawyer could help you if a truck driver’s negligence caused your collision and related injuries. A knowledgeable attorney could explain the responsibilities of truck drivers, how a failure to uphold these responsibilities could result in injuries, and demand every dollar of compensation to which you are entitled. Reach out to Ryan Orsatti Law today to get started.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Every time truck drivers get behind the wheel, they assume an absolute duty to operate their vehicles in a safe manner. This includes a requirement to follow all the rules of the road that govern the driving of personal vehicles. All truckers must yield when necessary, follow all applicable speed limits, and take proper caution to check blind spots before changing lanes.

Indeed, there are additional steps that truckers must take to prevent harm from affecting others. Especially in the case of trucks hauling cargo, truckers and their companies must be sure to distribute the weight of their vehicles evenly. An inability to do this could cause a truck to jackknife or flip, placing other travelers in grave danger. Additionally, truckers are subject to strict weight limits and driving times under federal laws. A Schertz truck accident attorney could help to provide more information about the duties of truck drivers and their employers. They could also explain how a failure to meet these responsibilities could result in injury.

Proving another driver’s fault is an essential part of any case. In fact, Texas Civil Practice & Remedy Code §33.003 establishes the concept of modified comparative negligence regarding all accidental injury cases. This means that truck drivers may allege that a victim’s own choices were the source of their injuries and that this means that they are not liable for providing compensation. An attorney could help an injured party fight back against this common defense.

Pursuing Appropriate Compensation

Even though commercial vehicles are a leading cause of injuries in Schertz, an injured plaintiff still carries the burden to prove that a trucker’s negligence was the source of their incident and related harm. An attorney could work to collect vital evidence such as police reports, visit the location of the accident, and speak with witnesses to build a powerful case that labels a negligent truck driver as the sole party liable for the collision.

Plaintiffs who can prove their claims may be entitled to compensation for all their losses. Of course, this typically includes medical bills, but a comprehensive case could also evaluate a plaintiff’s economic damages and emotional anguish. In fact, it is not unusual for these indirect damages to be worth more than medical bills following a truck accident claim. A Schertz attorney could work to prove that a defendant’s negligence was the sole cause of a truck accident and demand full compensation on behalf of the injured party.

Speak with a Schertz Truck Accident Attorney Immediately

If you have suffered an injury after a collision involving a large truck or other commercial vehicle, it is understandable to be confused about your rights under the law. The fact is that truckers have an obligation to keep you safe and must provide compensation if they fail in this duty. Even so, you are responsible for proving this failure during settlement talks or trial.

A Schertz truck accident lawyer could help you to pursue your claim within the required time limits. They could work to obtain evidence and build potent cases against negligent truck drivers. Under state law, there is a limited time in which you may pursue your claim. Do not delay; contact an attorney at Ryan Orsatti Law to start today.

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