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Oil and gas extraction companies have provided well-paid jobs to generations of Texans. The downside is that these jobs can be dangerous, and workers are at risk of severe injury and even death.

When you are injured in an oilfield accident, consulting an experienced personal injury attorney should be your top priority. This is because employers and their insurance companies might misrepresent your rights and try to persuade you to settle for less compensation than you deserve.

A dedicated Schertz oilfield accident lawyer from Ryan Orsatti Law could help ensure that your employer and their insurance company do not take advantage of you. A diligent attorney could take the lead in your case and create a comprehensive claim for damages that addresses all of your related losses. Call today to learn more.

Possible Injuries in Oilfield Accidents

Oilfields employ workers from various trades, working in and around heavy equipment while exposed to flammable and corrosive substances. Because of this, oilfield workers have a high rate of job-related injuries and fatalities.

A Schertz attorney handles cases involving any oilfield injury, including:

Oilfield workers suffering from chronic conditions related to their work also could also have a viable claim.

An injured worker could receive reimbursement for their medical bills, time lost at work, incidental expenses, and other costs. The responsible parties also must compensate an injured oilfield worker for their physical pain, emotional suffering, and the lifestyle changes they had to make because of the injury.

Liable Parties in Oilfield Accidents

Some oilfield workers might have Workers’ Compensation coverage from their employers. If so, they cannot sue the employer for a work-related injury. However, Texas Labor Code §417.001 allows an injured worker who receives Workers’ Compensation benefits to sue third parties who are fully or partially responsible for the incident that injured them. Workers whose employers do not subscribe to Workers’ Compensation can sue their employer and any third party responsible for the accident.

A Schertz injury attorney could investigate and identify all parties that might have had a role in the oilfield incident. Depending on the details, potentially responsible parties include the site owner, general contractor, engineering firm, other companies working at the site, independent contractors, equipment manufacturers, maintenance companies, and others.

Several parties might share responsibility for an oilfield accident. Bringing all of them to the negotiating table helps ensure that an injured worker receives an adequate settlement for their injury.

Obtaining Evidence in Oilfield Injury Cases

When an oilfield worker gets injured, the employer or site operator must make an official incident report. These reports are critical evidence but often do not tell the whole story. Companies might slant the report to mask their responsibility for an accident.

A Schertz oilfield accident attorney could subpoena evidence that might provide a more accurate picture of what happened. Depending on the type of incident that caused the injury, relevant information might be available in the:

  • Workers’ logs
  • OSHA inspection reports
  • Surveillance camera footage
  • Aerial photographs and video, if available
  • Black boxes from heavy equipment
  • Equipment inspectors’ reports
  • Environmental regulators’ reports

Statements from eyewitnesses could also serve as important evidence.

Sometimes it is helpful to engage an outside consultant, such as an accident reconstruction specialist, engineering firm, or medical expert. Seasoned accident attorneys have networks of highly qualified experts they could call upon to assist with a case.

Count on a Schertz Oilfield Accident Attorney Today

Oil and gas companies have a lot of power, and are not shy about using it against injured workers. When you are hurt while working on an oilfield, you need an aggressive advocate to stand up for you and your rights.

You do not have to face legal action alone. A Schertz oilfield accident lawyer from our firm has the knowledge, skills, and courage to take on the industry on your behalf. Call Ryan Orsatti Law today to discuss your situation with a committed attorney.

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