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While all head injuries are serious matters that require prompt medical attention, those that affect the brain are especially concerning. The brain is the most essential organ in your body, and damage here can often have permanent consequences. Any blow to the head or incident that causes the brain to move around the inside of the skull could result in severe damage. Harm of this nature may require intensive medical care and force you to make major adjustments in your life.

If you have sustained a traumatic brain injury because of someone else’s negligence, a catastrophic injury attorney could help you collect the compensation you need to make things right. This could include payments for outstanding medical bills, reimbursement for lost wages, and compensation for emotional traumas. A Schertz traumatic brain injury lawyer’s goal is to hold negligent parties responsible for their actions and bring comfort and stability back into your life. Contact Ryan Orsatti Law today to get started with your case.

Why are Traumatic Brain Injuries So Serious?

The brain is the conductor of the body. It sends and receives electrical signals that affect the entirety of the body’s functions. Any damage to the brain could jeopardize a person’s ability to control those functions. This means that a traumatic brain injury may not only affect a person’s ability to think or reason, but it may also result in a loss of function in one’s limbs or vital organs.

Because of this, TBIs often fall into the category of catastrophic injuries. This means that the injury is one from which a victim will never make a full recovery. The resulting demands for compensation must reflect the seriousness of these events. A Schertz attorney could help measure a traumatic brain injury’s impact on a plaintiff’s life. Seasoned legal counsel could then form demand packages seeking appropriate payments from all liable parties.

It is essential to pursue a case as soon as possible. Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003 gives most people two years after the date of an injury to demand compensation. Getting in touch quickly allows a lawyer to begin providing immediate support.

When Might Another Party be Liable for a Traumatic Brain Injury?

All incidents that result in personal injuries are someone’s fault. However, the fact that a person suffered an injury in an incident is not enough to prove that another was to blame for their harm. Unfortunately, injured parties bear the burden of proving fault for a traumatic brain injury, and a Schertz attorney could take the lead in this process.

Many traumatic brain injuries are the result of collisions on the road. These may involve cars, trucks, bicycles, and buses. Here, an attorney could work to obtain evidence about the crash and build powerful cases against other drivers.

Traumatic brain injuries can also occur in other ways. Prominent examples include:

  • Slips and falls
  • Defective products
  • Medical malpractice
  • Nursing home abuse or neglect

An attorney could fight tirelessly to show that another party’s failure to keep a victim safe, or their intentional acts of violence, was the source of an injury. They could then work to seek out the compensation needed to set things right.

Discuss Your Case with a Schertz Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Today

Traumatic brain injuries are significant events that have the potential to impact every aspect of your life. Whether the incident was the product of a traffic mishap, a slip and fall, or a blow to the head, these events may necessitate intensive medical care, cause severe emotional trauma, and devastate your quality of life.

A Schertz traumatic brain injury lawyer wants to help you pursue the compensation you deserve for your suffering. An attorney could take the lead in proving another’s fault for the incident, measuring how the event has changed your life, and demanding fair payments in and out of court. Call Ryan Orsatti Law today to set up a confidential consultation.

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