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Incidents that result in paralysis can affect every aspect of your life. The physical injuries may confine you to a wheelchair or cause you to lose the use of a limb. Harm of this nature is unlikely to ever fully heal. In addition, these events can have a devastating impact on your mental health and well-being. After becoming paralyzed, you may suffer from intense emotional trauma and struggle to support your family.

If another party was responsible for an incident that resulted in paralysis, you might be eligible to demand compensation for your losses. Unfortunately, proving that another party is liable for your harm can be extremely difficult, especially without the assistance of a skilled attorney. Allow a Schertz paralysis injury lawyer at Ryan Orsatti Law to guide you through this process, listen to your story, evaluate the facts that led to your losses, and help demand full compensation from all at-fault parties.

Common Causes of Paralysis Injuries

Paralysis ultimately results from damage to a person’s nerves. This could occur at the site of the damage, such as a crushing injury that severs the nerves in a person’s leg. The damage may also occur at other points in the body. Spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries may cause a loss of connection between an affected body part and the central nervous system. This could leave a person unable to move their extremities or lose control of their internal organs.

Any event that inflicts significant force on a person’s body could potentially cause paralysis. Common examples include:

  • Traffic collisions
  • Bicycle or pedestrian crashes
  • Slips and falls, or similar events that occur on another party’s property
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective or dangerous consumer product failures

A Schertz attorney could provide more information about why an incident resulted in a life-altering paralysis injury. They could also investigate the facts that led to an incident and obtain evidence concerning the fault of other parties.

Recovering Compensation for a Paralysis Injury

A core concept under the law is that parties who cause injuries through their negligence must provide compensation to their victims. This means that the individuals who cause the paralysis of others must pay for the entirety of their losses. The fact that a defendant did not mean to cause harm is irrelevant.

Another way a Schertz paralysis injury attorney could help is by proving the extent of a person’s losses. This may include obtaining medical records and bills, measuring a person’s emotional trauma and lost quality of life, and evaluating the economic impact on a victim’s family. Using this information, an attorney could submit a detailed demand for compensation through an insurance settlement or personal injury lawsuit.

No matter the extent of a person’s losses, the law gives them a limited time to act. Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003 is the state’s statute of limitations for most personal injury cases. It outlines that most people have two years after the date of an injury to demand compensation for their losses. Because of this timeframe, it is vital to contact a Schertz paralysis injury attorney as soon as possible.

Speak with a Schertz Paralysis Injury Attorney Today

Becoming paralyzed is a life-altering event in every aspect. If this injury resulted from another party’s actions, you might have the right to demand fair compensation for your losses.

A Schertz paralysis injury lawyer could help you pursue these payments. They could measure your losses, investigate the source of your injury, and hold negligent parties responsible for their actions. If you need legal assistance with your case, contact Ryan Orsatti Law to schedule a consultation.

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