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Burn injuries come in various forms and levels of severity. Some may require a single trip to see a doctor for some topical cream. Others can be so severe that they require extensive surgeries, completely altering a person’s life. One thing that all burns have in common, though, is that a victim may be entitled to compensation for their losses if the burn is the result of another party’s actions. These claims could allege negligence in several ways, such as in a car accident, failing to provide exits in case of a fire, or that a defective product inflicted a burn injury.

If you have been severely burned due to someone else’s negligence, pursuing legal action may be the last thing on your mind. While you focus on recovering, a Schertz burn injury lawyer could pursue a claim on your behalf. They could work to prove that the injury is another party’s fault and demand proper compensation from all liable defendants. Contact Ryan Orsatti Law today to discuss your legal options with a dedicated catastrophic injury lawyer.

The Causes and Categories of Burns

The most obvious cause of a burn injury is exposure to flames. Some common ways that a person might encounter fire are during a car accident, a house fire, or if a defective product overheats. However, there are other sources of burns that are less well-known. For instance, people can sustain burn injuries after exposure to dangerous chemicals at construction sites or factories. It is also possible to suffer radiation burns due to medical malpractice in an X-ray facility or hospital.

Just as there are multiple ways for a burn to occur, there are also three levels of severity of burns. First-degree burns are the least severe, and treatment may require only a simple bandage and topical cream. Second-degree burns destroy the topmost layer of skin and can damage the underlying nerves. Here, a doctor may need to administer skin grafts in surgery. The most severe types of burns are third-degree. These burns completely destroy the affected tissue and may even burn bone. Here, a doctor may be forced to amputate the affected area. A skilled Schertz attorney could help to investigate the causes and effects of burn injuries.

Holding At-Fault Parties Liable for Burn Injuries

The goal of any personal injury claim is to collect the compensation necessary to set things right. Burn injury cases are no exception. As the first step, a plaintiff must choose the proper cause of action. Most burns result from accidents, but not every accident claim is the same.

If a burn is the product of a car accident, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant was the driver responsible for the crash. This may require obtaining a police report, traffic camera footage, or even performing an accident reconstruction. Other burns fall under the umbrella of premises liability. All property owners must keep invited guests safe from accidental harm. Burns that result from building fires or exposure to chemicals may violate this duty. Finally, burns from radiation exposure may indicate medical malpractice. A Schertz burn injury attorney could help to explain the legal cause of action that might bring the desired results.

In addition, plaintiffs must remain aware of the state’s laws concerning modified comparative negligence. Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedy Code §33.003, a court must evaluate the actions of all parties involved in an accident. The court may not award full compensation if a victim carries a portion of the blame. Defendants in any type of personal injury claim may attempt to shift blame onto an innocent plaintiff. A Schertz burn injury attorney could help to fight back against this common defense.

Let a Schertz Burn Injury Attorney Take the Lead

Burns can happen in various ways attributable to the actions of others. Whether your injuries resulted from a car crash, a building fire, exposure to toxic chemicals, or high doses of radiation, you may be eligible for compensation for your losses. This could include payment of medical bills, reimbursement for lost wages, and payments for emotional traumas.

A Schertz burn injury lawyer is prepared to fight for you. An attorney could help to gather evidence and explain your legal rights. They could also take the lead in demanding fair payments during settlement talks and trials. For assistance with your burn injury case today, reach out to Ryan Orsatti Law.

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