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Unfortunately, enduring a personal injury is something that many of us may experience at some point during our lives. Whether these injuries result from catastrophic accidents, intentional acts of violence, or even the most mundane of personal activities, the resulting losses are no less severe. The victims of personal injuries often face thousands of dollars in medical bills, lose out on income from being unable to work, and suffer intense mental anguish due to the accident. A personal injury claim could help an injured party recover compensation for these losses. However, pursuing these cases can be more complex than it appears.

If an accident or attack has left you with severe injuries, a Schertz personal injury lawyer can help. They could assist with measuring your losses, investigating the incident, and pursuing at-fault defendants for the compensation needed to set things right. Contact Ryan Orsatti Law today to discuss your unique case with a seasoned attorney.

Types of Personal Injury Claims

All personal injury claims in Schertz will fall under one of two categories: accidents, or intentional acts of violence. However, the most common are injuries that are the result of accidents. Even though the defendants in these cases do not intend to cause any harm, the law says that defendants may still be liable to provide compensation.

This is most often the case when a defendant owes an injured plaintiff a duty of care. If a defendant fails to adhere to this duty and an injury ensues, that defendant may be liable for providing payment to the injured party. This core concept of negligence applies to almost every personal injury resulting from an accident. Typical examples of these incidents include:

  • Car, truck, or motorcycle accidents
  • Slips and falls when visiting the property of others
  • Defective product claims
  • Doctor, hospital, or dentist malpractice

As previously mentioned, the second source of personal injury lawsuits is injuries that result from intentional attacks. While it is possible that a defendant may face criminal charges resulting from the incident, criminal courts cannot order a defendant to compensate a victim for their personal injuries. A conviction in criminal court is potent evidence of fault for a related civil claim. A Schertz personal injury attorney could provide more information about the causes of action that may lead to a personal injury lawsuit.

Regardless of the exact source of a person’s injuries, state law gives them a limited time to act. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 outlines that most people have two years from the date of an incident to seek compensation. Talking with a lawyer now lets them get to work immediately.

Recovering Compensation for Harm Caused

The purpose of any personal injury claim, whether it includes a relatively minor slip and fall, or an incident that results in a death, is to restore a plaintiff to their pre-accident state. This means placing the plaintiff back in the position they would have been in had the incident never happened. While this is often impossible from a practical standpoint, a successful personal injury case could bring the compensation needed to cover a person’s related losses.

The core of any personal injury claim is physical harm. This does not need to involve life-threatening injuries but must be severe enough to warrant a trip to a doctor or hospital. A personal injury claim will always demand payments to cover all medical treatment.

Further, a claim should also examine the economic impact of the injury. The claim could demand payments for any lost and future earnings if the injury is severe enough to keep a plaintiff out of work. The most severe examples will also demand payments for lost earning potential in the case of permanent injury or death.

The last portion of a personal injury claim is emotional losses. Even relatively minor incidents can cause severe pain and disruption in a person’s day-to-day life. A Schertz personal injury attorney could help measure a personal injury’s true impact on a plaintiff’s life and demand appropriate monetary compensation.

Reach Out to a Schertz Personal Injury Attorney Today

A single moment in time can lead to catastrophic injuries that affect every portion of your life. If another party’s negligence or act of violence is responsible for these losses, you have the right to pursue compensation. This restitution could pay for the costs of medical treatment, reimburse you for any lost wages, and help to set things right.

However, pursuing these claims can be complicated, especially without seasoned legal counsel. Every unique personal injury case comes with its own legal requirements, and a failure to prove these requirements may lead to a failure to collect payments. A Schertz personal injury lawyer could help to choose the proper cause of action, gather evidence that names another party as the at-fault defendant, and protect your rights in court and any settlement talks. Contact Ryan Orsatti Law today to preserve your claim.

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