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 Oilfield Injury Texas

Companies such as EOG, Chesapeake, and Chevron, are just a few of the largest oil producers in the State of Texas.  These petroleum giants are also leaders in oil field employment. As their numbers of employees grow so does the possibility for a potential injury on the job.  Many oil field employees are not made aware of their rights after an accident, and sadly, this is a commonality amongst many oil and gas companies.

Know Your Rights

  • What happens after an oil field accident?
  • What are the duties of the company?
  • What are the rights of the injuries oil field employee?
  • Did the company pay for all that they are required to?  
  • Did the oil field employee sustain an injury that has withheld them from working and making a living?
  • What is the severity of the injuries from the oil field accident?
  • How much should the employee be compensated for their injuries?


Oil Spill Injury Lawyer San Antonio Texasjur Texas

These questions are just a few that attorney Ryan Orsatti, an oilfield injury lawyer in San Antonio, has heard throughout his career, and if these are some questions that you have related to your oil field accident then please do not hesitate to contact an oil spill attorney, like Ryan Orsatti Law.  

Ryan Orsatti has handled hundreds of oil spill injury claims in San Antonio and throughout Texas which have given him the experience that is needed to negotiate for the needs of his clients.

If you or someone you know has been wronged by your employer after an oil field accident you can rest assure that an experienced oilfield injury lawyer like Ryan Orsatti Law will provide you with honest advice throughout your case.  Call Ryan Orsatti Law today at 210-525-1200 to schedule your free evaluation with attorney Ryan Orsatti.




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