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Riding motorcycles is a beloved pastime of many Lytle residents. Sadly, riders must often share the road with other vehicles, many of which are several times larger than motorbikes. This means that if a biker gets into a collision, the consequences are often catastrophic. If the collision was caused by another driver’s negligence, you may have the right to seek out compensation to cover your losses.

Speaking with a Lytle motorcycle accident lawyer could be the first step toward receiving those payments. A dedicated personal injury attorney from our firm could work to ensure that you understand the laws that apply to your case and what you may need to prove to be successful. They could also represent your interests during talks with insurance companies and fight for the compensation you deserve. Reach out to Ryan Orsatti Law today to get started.

Proving Fault for a Motorcycle Accident

No biker can collect compensation for the losses that result from a crash if they cannot prove that another motorist was responsible for the incident. This is a Lytle motorcycle accident attorney’s main goal when helping injured parties. There are two primary ways to prove fault for these crashes; moving violations and simple carelessness. Either could result in a successful case.

Moving Violations

The most direct way to prove fault for a crash is to show that another driver’s violation of a law was the reason for the collision. Any of the state’s laws concerning safe driving can be applied here. Common examples include speeding, failing to yield, and texting while driving.

An attorney could work to track the life of a traffic ticket as it moves through the courts. If the defendant driver admits fault for the incident, or a judge rules them to be responsible, this outcome is direct evidence of fault in a demand for compensation through a civil lawsuit.

Simple Carelessness

Just because a police officer does not issue a ticket following an incident does not mean that another motorist was to blame. In fact, many successful cases rely on the concept that simple carelessness may amount to negligence while behind the wheel.

People relying on this concept must be aware of the state’s rule concerning comparative negligence. Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedy Code §33.003, courts will evaluate the actions of all people involved in any sort of accident and assign blame. If the court believes that an injured rider was partially to blame for the collision, that court must reduce the award at trial by the percentage of fault. A Lytle motorcycle accident attorney could work to show that another driver was entirely to blame for the accident.

Seeking Fair Compensation for Injured Motorcycle Riders

Once a biker can prove that another motorist was to blame for an accident, they can demand proper compensation. This requires a full evaluation of the past, present, and future impacts of the incident on a person’s life.

The most obvious loss is the medical bills associated with the injury. In motorcycle cases, these can often run into the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Riders may also find that these injuries have kept them out of work or resulted in a permanent disability. A proper demand for compensation will seek out reimbursement for every penny of economic harm resulting from a crash.

These crashes can also impact a person’s emotional well-being. It is not uncommon for riders to experience flashbacks, nightmares, or other forms of mental health trauma. A motorcycle accident attorney from our firm could help to place a monetary value on those experiences.

Reach Out to a Lytle Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

If your motorbike collision and related injuries were caused by another party’s careless actions, you may be eligible to pursue financial compensation from those responsible. After a motorcycle crash, it is important to gather evidence concerning the other driver’s fault for the incident and present that information in a way that leaves no doubt as to their responsibility.

A Lytle motorcycle accident lawyer is ready to fight for you. They understand how these events can change your life and are ready to stand up for your legal rights. Speak with an attorney from our firm today to discuss your case and how we could help.

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