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Some of the most severe injuries that a person can sustain are those that affect the spinal cord. Injuries of this nature are often permanent, and could greatly impact your ability to work and care for yourself. To make matters worse, the paralysis that often results from spinal cord injuries could lead to significant secondary health conditions that can be challenging to manage.

It is vital to speak with a local attorney after sustaining a spinal cord injury. If another party was at fault for the incident, they could be held responsible for the effects of their carelessness. You could receive financial compensation that covers your medical treatment and supportive care, necessary renovations to your home, compensation for your lost wages and earning capacity, and money to acknowledge the impact on your quality of life.

A Lytle spinal cord injury lawyer from our firm could be a valuable ally as you and your family navigate life after such an injury. Contact Ryan Orsatti Law today to schedule your consultation with a compassionate legal professional.

Spinal Cord Injuries are Life-Changing

The spinal cord protects a bundle of nerves that run along the vertebrae, connecting the brain to the internal organs and limbs. These nerves carry electronic signals that transmit information from the brain to the rest of the body and back again. When the communication channel is disrupted, the body does not function properly.

When trauma severs or damages the spinal cord, it usually disrupts these nerves. The injured party will typically lose sensation and function below the injury site. While some spinal cord injury victims can retain partial feeling and control over their limbs, these sensations are usually lost.

A person with a low spinal cord injury might need a wheelchair, and could have difficulty with bladder control, bowel control, and sexual functions. When the injury is high, the individual may be unable to move their arms or use their hands. The injury could also affect breathing and swallowing. If an individual sustained the injury due to another party’s negligence, a Lytle attorney could help them hold the responsible party accountable for what they have done.

What Causes Spinal Cord Injuries?

Spinal cord injuries almost always result from a traumatic impact due to an accident. According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, most spinal cord injuries result from vehicle accidents, although falls account for the majority of spinal cord injuries in people 65 and older. Other leading causes are sports injuries and violence, especially gunshots.

Most accidents happen because of negligence, which is defined as the failure to use an appropriate degree of caution considering the circumstances. When another party’s negligence causes someone else’s injury, the negligent party must pay compensation, or damages, to the injured person.

A Lytle spinal cord injury attorney could investigate an accident and identify parties whose negligence contributed to it. Each of those negligent parties could be liable to pay compensation to the injured person.

Delay Could Endanger a Valid Claim

It is wise for someone with a spinal cord injury to consult a legal professional as soon as possible after the accident. An attorney serving Lytle could explain whether the injured person has a claim for damages and, if so, the injured person could authorize them to begin building a spinal cord injury case.

Texas law allows adults two years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit seeking damages. Two years is a relatively short timeframe for compiling evidence to prove negligence in an accident case, so delay is not advisable.

If the responsible party is the state or a local government, the time to act is much shorter. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 101.101 requires an injured person who might have a claim against a unit of government to formally notify the appropriate agency within 180 days of the accident. Failing to file the notice extinguishes the right to sue.

Allow a Lytle Spinal Cord Injury Attorney to Handle Your Claim

Spinal cord injuries require significant medical intervention. Depending on the injury’s location, adapting to the injury could take several months. Many injured parties and their families rightfully keep their focus on recovery and rehabilitation during the months after a spinal cord injury.

However, working with a Lytle spinal cord injury lawyer from the beginning could take a huge burden off your shoulders. Allow a dedicated attorney from Ryan Orsatti Law to handle the legal aspects of your case while you focus on recovering. Call today to learn more.

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