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It is an unfortunate truth that paralysis could result from almost any incident. Even an accident where another person did not intend to cause harm can have these catastrophic consequences. Unfortunately, a person’s lack of intent to cause harm does not mean that they are not liable for their actions. In fact, the law says that people who are responsible for accidents must provide fair compensation to all affected parties.

A Lytle paralysis injury attorney from our firm could help you prove this fault. They could investigate the facts of your incident and obtain the evidence needed to hold the negligent party responsible your losses. They will fight tirelessly to show how the event has changed your life and demand the fair payments you need to get you back on your feet. Contact our firm today to discuss your unique case with a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney.

Why are Paralysis Injuries so Serious?

Paralysis results from damage to the body’s nerves. One of the interesting but frustrating things about the body is that nerve cells cannot self-regenerate. This means that despite a person receiving the best possible medical care, nerve damage is often permanent. As a result, a person who suffers paralysis is unlikely to make a full recovery.

This has the potential to impact all parts of a victim’s life. Of course, the resulting physical injuries and loss of function in body parts are of the utmost concern. However, the event also can devastate a person’s overall quality of life and ability to support themselves and their families.

A Lytle paralysis injury attorney understands the immense impact that these incidents can have on a person’s life. They could assist injured parties by placing a monetary value on these experiences and demand that at-fault parties and insurance companies provide the compensation necessary to cover the related losses.

Demonstrating Fault for Incidents Resulting in Paralysis

Paralysis can result from almost any incident that places a person in danger. Even something as seemingly harmless as a fall to the ground could result in an injury of this nature if person falls on their head, back, or neck. As a result, any incident that places pressure or trauma on these body parts may result in paralysis.

Common examples include:

  • Car, truck, and motorcycle collisions
  • Accidents that occur on another’s property, such as slips and falls
  • Defective product claims
  • Medical malpractice cases

In each of these examples, an injured person must prove that it was another’s act or failure to act that resulted in a loss. Furthermore, the Texas Civil Practice & Remedy Code §33.003 allows defendants to argue that it was an injured person’s own lack of care that contributed to the incident. A successful defense along these lines could limit or entirely erase a person’s ability to recover compensation. An attorney serving Lytle could help demonstrate that it was entirely another party’s fault that the paralysis injury occurred.

Learn More from a Lytle Paralysis Injury Attorney Today

Paralysis is one of the most devastating outcomes of accidents and acts of violence. Because these injuries affect your central nervous system, you may never fully heal. You should not have to shoulder the financial burdens of an injury that was not your fault. If another person’s careless actions caused your harm, they could be held responsible for your consistent medical care, changes to your quality of life, and any lost wages due to the inability to work.

A Lytle paralysis injury lawyer is ready to stand by your side to demand these payments through insurance settlements or lawsuits. Contact an attorney from our firm today to schedule a consultation.

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