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Every day, residents of Lytle use buses as a reliable and affordable method of transportation. However, these vehicles can pose a major threat to the safety of travelers as they are slow to stop in emergencies, have massive blind spots for drivers, and can cause severe damage if they come in contact with other vehicles, pedestrians, or bike riders. Despite these facts, responsibility for a bus crash can be difficult to determine. Injured parties are responsible for proving that a bus driver’s negligence directly caused the incident. They must also be able to connect their losses, both economic and non-economic, to the event.

A Lytle bus accident lawyer from our firm is ready to help you to prove both of these concepts. Seasoned legal counsel could work to obtain evidence about the crash, help measure your losses, and fight to hold bus drivers, insurance companies, and employers liable for all resulting damage. Contact Ryan Orsatti Law today to discuss your unique situation with a dedicated personal injury attorney.

When is a Bus Driver Responsible for an Accident?

A common concept under the law says that all drivers assume a duty to protect others when they get behind the wheel. This applies to all motorists equally, regardless of their mode of transportation. This means that bus drivers must obey all rules of the road and operate their vehicles with appropriate caution—failing to uphold and perform these duties could result in an injury that indicates a bus driver’s fault for a crash.

The most direct way in which a Lytle bus accident attorney could help is by collecting the evidence needed to prove this liability and presenting it in demand packages to insurance companies. This evidence could include dashcam footage, a police report, accident reconstruction reports, and witness statements. In addition, an attorney is ready to help any person who suffers an injury because of a bus driver’s negligence. This may be a person driving another vehicle, passengers in those vehicles, pedestrians, and even riders within the bus itself. Because bus drivers have an obligation to protect every other person, each of these parties may have a valid claim for compensation.

Demanding Fair Compensation

Proving that a bus driver was responsible for an incident is only one part of a comprehensive claim for damages. It is just as vital to be able to accurately measure one’s losses and tie them to the negligence of that bus driver. This is another task that a Lytle bus crash attorney could assist with.

These types of cases typically revolve around physical injuries and the costs of all necessary medical care. Common examples of these serious injuries may include:

  • Severe cuts and bruises
  • Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Whiplash
  • Separated joints
  • Burns

No person who suffers an injury because of another’s actions should have to pay their own medical bills. However, medical bills are not the only potential source of compensation. These incidents may also jeopardize a person’s ability to return to work or enjoy time with their family. Any lost income or reductions in quality of life are just as legitimate a reason to demand compensation as physical injuries.

No matter how an accident has affected a person’s life, they have a limited time under the law to come forward. Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.003 is the state’s law that outlines a time limit for personal injury cases. It states that people seeking payments must bring their cases to court no more than two years after the date of an injury. Talking with a bus accident attorney today allows them the get started on the case as soon as possible.

Reach Out to a Lytle Bus Accident Attorney Today

Bus drivers have an obligation to protect every person they encounter while on Lytle’s roads. This includes other drivers, pedestrians, and even passengers on their buses. If any of these parties suffer an injury in an accident that is the bus driver’s fault, they may have the right to pursue damages.

A Lytle bus accident lawyer from Ryan Orsatti Law is ready to help you recover the financial compensation you deserve for your losses. They could help you build a powerful claim against the bus driver, measure your losses, and demand proper restitution through insurance settlements and lawsuits. Contact our firm today to discover more about your rights after a bus collision.

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