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A paralysis injury causes a person to lose feeling or mobility in a part of their body. While we generally imagine these injuries to affect a person’s arms or legs, paralysis can also affect one’s internal organs. As a result, these injuries will always have a catastrophic effect on one’s future.

If paralysis results from another party’s negligence or intentional act of violence, a victim has the right to demand compensation. A Live Oak paralysis injury lawyer could help pursue your claim to get the restitution you need. The skilled attorneys at our firm work to gather evidence, make an accurate assessment of your losses, and pursue claims for their appropriate value in settlement talks and court.

Incidents Resulting in Paralysis

Paralysis is the result of damage to a person’s nervous system. This can occur at the point of contact, such as a crushing blow on a person’s leg, or as the result of damage to the spinal cord that carries signals from the brain to the affected body part.

Negligence Accidents

Paralysis can occur as the consequence of almost any type of personal injury. For example, a car accident can place great pressure on a person’s vertebral column, leaving the spinal cord vulnerable to damage. A slip and fall can also shatter these bones and the nerves within. Even medical professionals could be liable for accidents during surgery that cause paralysis.

Intentional Acts

Most paralysis injuries are the result of accidents. However, other cases center around intentional acts of violence that result in injuries. Because civil courts will accept a criminal conviction as proof of a defendant’s liability, a criminal conviction can be powerful evidence in a civil claim for damages. A Live Oak attorney could further explain how the cause of a paralysis injury may impact an ensuing case.

Seeking Compensation in Paralysis Injury Claims

The objective of any personal injury claim is to make the plaintiff whole again. This involves covering any past expenses as well as making considerations for the future. Because many paralysis injuries are permanent and may require a person to require medical care for the foreseeable future, these claims are often for significant payments.

Of course, the central part of a paralysis injury claim is the physical aspect of the incident. A case will always demand payment for any past and future necessary medical care. However, this is never the only source of payment in a paralysis injury case. Any injury claim must evaluate the full impact of the incident upon the life of the plaintiff. Because a person has lost the use of a limb or organ, perhaps permanently, a claim could also demand payments for:

  • Lost wages or earning capacity
  • Overall loss of quality of life
  • Emotional anguish connected to the loss

Deadlines for Filing Paralysis Claims

Still, no matter how severe a person’s injuries may be, they must follow the state’s statute of limitations. According to the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003, most plaintiffs have only two years from the date of the incident to pursue their claims. A paralysis injury lawyer at our firm could help to provide an accurate accounting of one’s losses and pursue the case in a timely manner.

Let a Live Oak Paralysis Injury Attorney Fight for Your Future

Suffering a paralysis injury will have a profound impact on your present and future. Of course, you will need to seek immediate medical care to limit the potential damage. However, you may also worry about the costs of any future treatment, how you will earn a living, and the emotional toll of this significant change in your life.

Pursuing a civil claim following a paralysis injury can hold liable parties responsible for their actions. This applies both to cases involving accidents and instances of intentional violence. No matter how your injury occurred, a Live Oak paralysis injury attorney may be able to help. At Ryan Orsatti Law, we take care of all the details in protecting your legal rights while you focus on what is important to you. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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