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Buses provide an inexpensive and economical way to travel. However, these vehicles can be challenging to operate, making it necessary for bus drivers to obtain special licenses and remain alert on the road. Any collision involving a bus and a passenger car will likely cause significant damage to the smaller vehicle and its passengers.

If you or a loved one were injured in a transportation crash, reach out to a Live Oak bus accident lawyer for representation. At Ryan Orsatti Law, our experienced legal team works to hold the appropriate parties accountable for your losses and seek out the payments you deserve.

Private vs. Public Transportation Accidents

In an accident involving a bus, it is important to note who owns the vehicle. There are different laws and procedures that control how a party can pursue a personal injury claim depending on the owner’s identity.

If the accident involves a privately-owned vehicle, the process goes forward as a typical personal injury case. An injured plaintiff will argue that the bus driver and operating company are responsible for their injuries. In most cases, this will require proof that the employee and/or employer acted negligently.

The situation becomes more complicated when a government entity owns the bus. Every municipality has its own rules for filing a suit, so it is best to consult a lawyer in Live Oak after a bus crash.

Demonstrating Fault for a Bus Crash

Identifying the bus owner is only the first step in a successful case. It is still necessary to show that a bus driver’s actions were the primary cause of the accident. In addition, a bus crash victim and their lawyer must often fight back against allegations of shared blame. Especially when the incident involves another vehicle, the defendant may argue that a victim did not do all they could have done to avoid harm.

Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedy Code §33.003, courts accepting this argument must reduce a victim’s award at trial by their percentage of the blame. If this percentage rises to 50 or more, the court cannot award any compensation.

As such, it is essential to build powerful cases against negligent bus drivers. A Live Oak bus crash lawyer could obtain vital evidence to demonstrate fault. This often includes police reports, traffic camera footage, and witness statements. An attorney in the area could take the lead in proving fault for a public or private transportation accident.

Let a Live Oak Bus Accident Attorney Fight for You

Pursuing a claim following a bus collision raises many complex legal questions. You must properly identify the correct defendant, whether a municipal entity or a bus company. This directly affects the proper complaint procedure and the time limits to file suit. You must also show that the accident resulted from the other party’s negligence and directly caused your injuries.

A Live Oak bus accident lawyer could help prove these concepts and handle your case while you focus on recovering. Whether you were injured while driving your own car or were a passenger on a bus during a crash, you have the right to seek out compensation. Our legal team aims to obtain the compensation you deserve while minimizing your stress in this difficult time. Contact Ryan Orsatti Law today to get started.

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