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Trucks and other commercial vehicles play an important role in our economy. However, the pressures that these drivers face to meet deadlines often lead to dangerous choices on the road. Fatigue, distracted driving, and speeding are leading causes of trucking crashes that can change every part of a victim’s life.

A Helotes truck accident lawyer could help you to collect the compensation that you need to set things right after a wreck involving a commercial vehicle. At Ryan Orsatti Law, a hardworking attorney could fight to hold a negligent trucker responsible for their actions and demand appropriate payments from insurers and trucking companies.

Liable Parties in Trucking Crash Claims

An important part of any truck accident case is choosing the correct defendants. Of course, a trucker who is negligent in causing a crash is personally liable for all resulting damage. This could be as a product of their violation of a rule of the road or simple carelessness. However, it is important to note that the rule of comparative negligence under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 33.001 still requires courts to evaluate the actions of all parties involved in an accident and assign blame accordingly.

A trucker may not be the only viable defendant in these cases. Truckers must have a valid insurance policy in place that provides compensation to injured travelers. This applies regardless of whether the trucker is an independent contractor or an employee.

Trucking Company Liability

This employee vs. contractor question does play a role in determining the joint liability of a trucking company. Employers share liability for the actions of their workers under the legal concept of respondeat superior. A skilled attorney in Helotes could work to determine if a trucking company may be a co-defendant with a negligent trucker.

Compensation for Truck Collisions in Helotes

Proving fault for a truck accident is only one part of a successful case. It is just as important to be able to show how that event has changed a victim’s life and place an accurate dollar value on the money needed to set things right.

All cases will revolve around the physical injuries and necessary treatments that result from these incidents. These can include ER care, an ambulance ride, surgery, hospitalization, and rehabilitative sessions. Importantly, payments can cover both past and future estimated costs.

Truck crashes also have the potential to impact a person’s life in other ways. A crash can leave a person with significant pain and suffering, as well as emotional traumas that make it difficult to live life to the fullest. A victim may also lose out on income due to being unable to return to work. A truck collision lawyer at our firm aims to collect the full compensation needed to make things right.

Talk with a Helotes Truck Accident Attorney for Guidance

Truck collisions can result in life-altering injuries, whether they involve tractor-trailers, box trucks, or construction vehicles. Not only may these injuries necessitate significant medical attention, but they could also devastate your finances and overall quality of life. Whenever a trucker is to blame for these crashes, they have an obligation under the law to provide fair compensation.

A Helotes truck crash lawyer is prepared to help you collect these payments. At Ryan Orsatti Law, our aim is to prove fault for the collision, tie in all potential defendants, place an accurate value on your case, and demand appropriate compensation through insurance settlements and lawsuits. Give us a call now to get started on your case.

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