October 11, 2017

Why You Need an Attorney for Your Car Accident Claim

Why You Need an Attorney for Your Car Accident Claim

Car accidents happen every single day. Many times, they are the reason we get held up in morning traffic. Fender benders and rear-end collisions are pretty common, but major accidents are something you shouldn’t take lightly – especially if someone has been injured.

If you have been injured in a car accident, it is incredibly important to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as you can. Many people think attorneys want money up-front, but that is not the case. YOU are the attorney’s main priority. With that being said, the attorney wants to make sure you are given the medical attention you need and the compensation you deserve.

You might think you are only eligible to receive compensation for the physical damages to your body and your car. However, you may also be compensated for lost wages from absence of work, pain, suffering, and more. Many people don’t realize how much an attorney can help with more than just the legalities of the situation at hand.

Here are the many reasons an attorney can benefit your case:

Legal Advice

From the moment that you become hurt from a car accident, you probably have hundreds of questions running through your head. Do I need to go to the hospital? How can I afford this? Does the other person have insurance? All those thoughts are normal and expected.

Many people have been involved in car accidents, but how many people actually are injured from the accidents? It’s not as many as we might think. A few people may think seeking legal help is a hassle and expensive, but it ends up helping you in the long run – financially and personally. Attorneys have all the questions you may have, and if they don’t, they will find someone who does.

Expertise and Experience

Not only have personal injury lawyers studied the law, but they have first-hand experience with cases just like yours. Not every case will reach a settlement. Some will go to trial, and if that happens, you will be more than grateful to have a strong attorney on your side to fight for you. Sometimes, filing a lawsuit may be the only way to get fair and proper compensation.


Attorneys have access to many insiders at their fingertips. They have access to investigators, accident reconstruction experts, detectives, and more. An accident reconstruction expert may be able to determine who was at fault and how the collision occurred. An attorney is a great investment to ensure your word is full of proof.

Before you begin discussing the accident with anyone else, it is essential to discuss it with a lawyer first. If you make a statement without thinking about how you say it, it could be taken out of context. If you hire an attorney, they will become your voice and handle all the back-and-forth conversations with the insurance companies involved.


Most cases are settled through pre-trial negotiations. However, it isn’t common for the average person to know how to negotiate a settlement. When you speak for yourself, there is a possibility of over-evaluation of your case or under-evaluation of your case. This can lead to less-than-deserved compensation. Attorneys are experts at negotiating, so you can rest assured that you will be properly compensated for all you deserve.

Even though most of these cases are settled outside of court, some cases end up going to trial. If this does occur, you need to hire a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney to speak on your behalf in front of a judge and jury. Insurance companies will have attorneys fighting for them, so you will need a strong representative who knows the law inside and out.

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