Immigration Law

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You may be eligible to become a US citizen under certain circumstances
  • You have Green Card for at least prior to applying for citizenship
  • If you have a Green Card and have been married and living with your spouse for at least 3 years.
The benefits of being a US citizen
  • Live in the United States permanently
  • Work in the United States
  • US citizens can petition for Green Cards for relatives
  • Citizenship can be passed down to your future children.
Deportation Proceedings
  • This proceeding is an avenue for the government to deport a person who violated a term of their stay in the United States or where apprehended because the person was in the United States illegally.
  • A person facing this type of proceeding has rights. There may be certain remedies in the law that will allow a person to stay in the United States.
  • These proceedings are very complicated and many times a person may be waiving certain rights and the person may not be aware of those rights.
  • Having representation will prevent from these waivers of rights.
Bond Hearing
  • This is a hearing that is conducted for a person asking the court to be released from detention pending a deportation hearing.
  • A bond is posted by a family member or friend. This bond will be returned with interest upon conclusion of deportation hearing.

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